Pilates Shoulder Stand

"I love Zipi's Pilates classes because they combine stretching and toning which is both challenging and relaxing. Zipi gives a lot of detailed instruction on how your body should be positioned to achieve the best results of each exercise."

— Sharon Heller

Personal Training

A private session at my personal studio is the ultimate!  Available for use at my studio are Joseph Pilates’ Reformer, Trapeze Tower, Combo-Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Step barrel machines as well as the new CoreAlign machine.  In this peaceful comfortable setting you will receive one-on-one highly personalized training utilizing these machines in combination with floor exercises to sculpt, stretch, and shape your body in ways unavailable in a traditional gym with a traditional trainer.  A unique routine will be designed for each individual based on their goals and abilities. We will perform a postural analysis in order to target the areas that need strengthening or stretching.  These sessions are highly affordable and are geared for those seeking a long-term and regular program.  For a feel of the sessions, please view the gallery.



Designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement patterns. The CoreAlign method stimulates the core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. This method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle.

CoreAlign also allows you to experience a new way of performing Pilates exercises while standing up

Reformer Trapeze

Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine. The reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.

Reformer Trapeze
Combo Chair Exercises

Combo Chair

Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment.

Ladder Barrel

Used for core strength and flexibility exercises.

Step Barrel

Designed by Joseph Pilates to be used as a way to open the chest and to correct or restore the curve of the spine.


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About Zipi

Zipi Greenwald, PhD is a multiply certified instructor teaching fitness at Cornell University, Pilates classes at the Sunriseyoga Studio, and personal training at her private Aerobicswoman Pilates studio in Ithaca, NY.  Zipi draws great pleasure from observing the progress and fitness improvement of her classes’ participants. Currently, she is devoting all her time to promoting fitness through her classes and fitness DVD production.

Zipi’s certifications include:   AFAA Aerobics Instructor, AEA Water Aerobics Instructor, Balanced Body Pilates Mat, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer, Balanced Body Trapeze, Balance Body Combo – Chair, Balanced Body Barrel.

Studio Location

113 Randolph Road
Ithaca NY 14850