"Zipi has advanced my strength, breathing, and range of motion to the point where I even sleep more relaxed, with arms stretched over my head. Ah, it feels good."

— Lisa Newman

Postural Analysis

Most of us do not have perfect posture, which can lead to an array of problems: restricted range of motion, pain, stress on joints and muscles, and others. Using a grid with horizontal and vertical lines, I will work with you to do a complete postural assessment in order to improve your muscle tone, balance, and overall physical fitness. From this data, I build detailed reports to document posture deviations and show postural changes and improvements. I will create a custom workout plan for you, and will continue reassessing periodically to track your progress.

Postural Assessment front Postural Assessment side

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About Zipi

Zipi Greenwald, PhD is a multiply certified instructor teaching fitness at Cornell University, Pilates classes at the Sunriseyoga Studio, and personal training at her private Aerobicswoman Pilates studio in Ithaca, NY.  Zipi draws great pleasure from observing the progress and fitness improvement of her classes’ participants. Currently, she is devoting all her time to promoting fitness through her classes and fitness DVD production.

Zipi’s certifications include:   AFAA Aerobics Instructor, AEA Water Aerobics Instructor, Balanced Body Pilates Mat, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer, Balanced Body Trapeze, Balance Body Combo – Chair, Balanced Body Barrel.

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