Aerobics Woman Pilates Videos & Classes

"As a runner, lifter, and ballplayer, I find Zipi's Pilates classes a great complement to my fitness activities. The core strengthening improves overall strength, quickness, and flexibility (especially in the lower back) and is a great workout in its own right. And how often do you get to hear---as Zipi encourages each of her classes---that "You are beautiful"?"

— Ken Packman, J.D.

About Zipi Greenwald

I came to the United States in 1982 to study for a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. After receiving my degree, I worked for sixteen years as Physicist at Cornell University. Being completely absorbed in research and family, my fitness level was pathetic; I could hardly climb one flight of stairs. I started participating in fitness classes in the early mornings. I found that exercise empowers me, increases my confidence, lifts my spirit, and soothes my nerves while tightening my muscles and improving my posture. I really enjoyed it immensely and found myself designing my own style of choreography for fitness classes.

I am a certified instructor teaching fitness at Cornell University and Pilates classes at the Sunriseyoga Studio in Ithaca, NY. I have completed the comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates certification, which allows me to offer a well-rounded approach to teaching. I draw great pleasure from observing the progress and fitness improvement of my classes’ participants. Currently, I am devoting all my time to promoting fitness through my classes and fitness DVD production.

I am married to Shlomo Greenwald and have two sons, Uri and Jaffe.