What Is Pilates?
What is the Balanced Body Certification?
Intensifying Mat Pilates

Pilates on foam pad

"In the non-intimidating, yet challenging environment, Zipi is incredibly receptive to all levels, from beginning to advanced. Her classes are excellent because we learn something new and work different muscles groups in every session. "

— Mary Theresa Maleta

Intensifying Mat Pilates

Translating Pilates Reformer, Trapeze, Wonda Chair and Barrel Exercises into Floor workout

Pilate’s exercises are well known for working all the body muscles, the weak as well as the strong body muscles in a symmetrical way, promoting strong well aligned posture with toned muscles. The exercises on the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze and Wonda Chair are based on puling and pushing springs against (to engage) the stabilizing core muscles which enhance the results. Since training on Plates exercise machines is expensive and not always available, I have been designing routines that translate exercises from the Pilates machines into exercises on the floor incorporating accessories like hand held weight balls, elastic band, foam rollers and gliding plates. These routines expand and enrich the traditional mat practice by bringing the benefits of the machines to the floor work. They deepen the muscle contractions, increase core control and increase the intensity of the exercise

Routines with Hand held Weight Balls

The Weight Balls used in these routines are soft and squash-able. Each ball weighs 2 lbs. They are comfortably held between the knees, between the ankles, in the hands, or rolled on the floor. When these weighted balls are lifted by the legs or by hands, the muscles load is increased, creating more efficient workouts. When the balls are squeezed between the knees, they help activating the deep abdominal muscles. And, when the balls are pressed into the floor and rolled either away from the body or back, the increased friction with the floor is simulating the push through bar of the trapeze or the pedal movements of the Wonda chair. An example of some exercises can be seen in the following Clip or in the DVD Weighted Ball Series Total Body Workout 1