Zipi in her Pilates Studio

Aerobics Woman

Welcome to the official website of Zipi Greenwald, AerobicsWoman. Zipi has completed the comprehensive Pilates Balanced Body certification program, and currently teaches Pilates classes at Cornell University, and Sunrise Yoga Studio in Ithaca, NY. The Pilates classes use accessories like hand held weighted balls, elastic bands, foam rollers and Pilates rings to increase the intensity and fun.

Zipi has also created innovative, challenging, and easy to follow Pilates instruction DVDs, and offers Personal Training. The Pilates videos use hand held weighted balls and elastic bands. The Personal Training, in a private setting, uses a Reformer, a Trapeze Tower, a Combo Chair and Barrels. Zipi is able to tailor her instruction to your individual needs and goals.

Aerobics Woman Pilates Videos & Classes
Zipi Greenwald is a certified aerobic instructor teaching Pilates in Ithaca New York. Zipi teaches at Cornel University and has her own DVD series. Her routines are new and innovative. Zipi uses Weight Balls, Elastic bands and foam rollers to increase the intensity of the work out and make it fun. The DVD titles offered are Pilates Weighted Ball Series Total Body Workout 1, Pilates Weighted Ball Series Total Body Workout 2, and Pilates Elastic Band Workout